Build your organization’s capacity with HRMS

Without a strong HRMS in place, a simple question ‘Can I have a copy of my last 3 pay slips?’ could be an administrative nightmare if you’ve got more than dozen people working for you, and if you’re relying on messy and disconnected systems having paper and MS Excel sheets to manage your HR and payroll processes.

HTA HRMS provides an affordable, end-to-end human resource and payroll solution for businesses in Pakistan. It offers modules to manage employee database, payroll, loan, expense, income tax, gratuity, time and attendance, performance, training, recruitment, documents, workflow and few other aspects of a business. Let’s take a look at them.

Company setup

As per your organization design

Create your detailed company profile
Create multi-company setup with multi accounting periods
Structure information with organogram
Setup divisions, departments, grades, groups etc.
Categorize & manage diverse workforce: permanent, contract etc.
Set rules, data fields & generate reports as per business policies

Employee profiling

Manage your people happily

Capture all employee data
Search employee data
Manage lifecycle activities
Track training, performance & assets
Create customized reports in seconds

Workflow management

Design & drive efficient processes

Tailor your own best-practice processes
Provides built-in approvals for a hierarchy (multiple levels) of approvers
Receive email alerts for approval requests & statuses
Allows users to view summary statistics about mandated workflow activity
Ensure the correct authorization routes are pursued

Time & leave management

Address all types of time & leave policies

Create time slots, shifts and employee roasters
Set rules for overtime, early exit as per your time policy
Integrate with attendance machine & track absence
Create leave types (casual, sick, annual, maternity etc.)
Set grade-wise leave policies, rules for carry forward & encashment
Let employee apply for leaves through ESS

Payroll management

Most flexible and compatible payroll system ever

Set any type of payroll you want (pay grades, bands, departments etc)
Add any payroll component (basic, house rent, tax, deductions etc.)
Adjust taxable income, increment, arrears, leave encashment easily
Run the entire payroll almost on a click after the initial setup
Generate any type of graphical/ tabular reports (payroll slip etc.)

Expense management

Manage all travel & other expenses without chaos

Manage & track all expenses: travel, food, car, fuel etc.
Receive & approve all requests & claims as per workflow

Reimburse or sanction expenses through payroll module

Generate expense reports of any type you like

Loan Management

Assign & approve all loans

Configure & manage all loans: house, vehicle etc.
Maintain loan structure and ranges by grade or tiers
Disburse loan including or excluding payroll
Generate loan summary & detailed reports

Income tax management

Automatic tax management as per tax slabs

Manage income tax to meet annual statutory requirements
Manage tax rebate, withholding & other claims
Generate employee tax calculation report
Generate monthly tax challan & employee tax certificate

Fund & Contribution

Look after provident, gratuity, pension & lot more

Set up & manage funds: provident, gratuity, pension, SESSI & others
Maintain fund structure by grade for employee and employers
Manage withdrawal of funds
Generate accrual reports

Appraisal or performance management

Conduct transparent & smooth appraisals

Assign job responsibilities, objectives & goals
Conduct 360-degree employee evaluation
Rate & review performance
Set appraisal scoring policy
Design employee development plans
Generate appraisal reports

Training management (upcoming)

Make your people reach their full potential

Design tailored staff training & development plans
Rate role-based competencies to understand job readiness
Assign relevant training to individuals & groups
Proactively carry out succession planning
Maintain training best practice by integrating automatic workflow process
Manage your training budget

Recruitment process

Manage talent acquisition smoothly

Receive job requisition & post a job
Receive job applications
Manage your talent pipeline through applicant tracking system
Assess & rate applicants during interview, tests etc
Automatically transfer data once hired

Analytics & reports

Assemble any data & analyze it

Robust reporting system that is intuitive and easy to create
Select & create real-time reports on any data field you want
Generate tabular or graphical reports
Leverage point-in-time reporting capabilities
Export information in PDF, Excel, CSV & MS Word formats

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Have easy communication with employees

Ability for employees to view personal information
Print & view pay-slips
Select & create real-time reports on any data field you want
View attendance, apply for loans, and generate expense requests
View leaves accruals and balance, apply for any type of leaves
Perform team or self-appraisals and view authorized appraisal reports

Document & letter management

Have a secure online document record

Banish paper & messy files with online document system
Enable automation of workforce procedures
Have greater control over forms, letters & policies
Create, print & email letter templates: job offer, increment etc.

System Administration, Security & Alerts

Central access or silos for secure data

As administrator lock-out, activate, deactivate user accounts
Use multi-level security for data access
Post messages on bulletin or dashboard visible to users
Define user-based roles for secure communication & data management
Configure unlimited number of security profiles using role security
Automatically generates employee numbers for new hires

Application Programming Interface

Integrate your custom or third-party system with HRMS via API

HRMS API creates a flexible and dynamic ecosystem
Improves adaptability by integrating with new digital assets
Smoothly exchange data between HRMS and your legacy system
Create a seamless user experience despite integrating across multiple platforms
Avail APIs for transferring employee list, uploading salaries, managing time etc